Regulary $7/per unit.      Save now and for future treatments during our Semi-annual Event. 

There’s only one FDA-approved Dysport. It’s important to find a primary care physician, dermatologist, cosmetic aesthetician, plastic surgeon or other healthcare professional who is trained and licensed to administer Dysport.

Galderma provides comprehensive training for all qualified healthcare providers who want to inject our aesthetic products. Be sure to ask your specialist to see the packaging of your product to make sure it’s authentic.

Examples of usage:

The average person uses 40-50 units for the frown lines (creases between the brows);  20 units for the lips; 24-44 for the crows feet.   Pre-pays don't expire, use only what you need at your session and bank the rest for future sessions. 


$1,400.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price